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My favorite Azure Announcements from the Microsoft Ignite 2020

The Microsoft Ignite 2020 has moved to a free, virtual conference with a lots of online sessions about the Microsoft Product world like Azure, Microsoft 365 and more. As every year Microsoft announced new services and new features for existing services. In this blog post I will report about my highlights of the last 48 hours of Microsoft Ignite.

First of all, I’m a little sad because this was to be my first Microsoft Ignite I was able to attend in person. However, I’m glad that Microsoft offers this conference as a virtual version and gives us the opportunity to participate for free and get in contact with the product owners.

Satya Nadella opened the MS Ignite with his Keynote about Challenging Times, Producivity and Modern Work and how Microsoft services can help in every section with different services.

My focus area is Azure, you know it 🙂 And there were a lot of new announcements before and during the Ignite.

This article will be updated after the MS Ignite ends.

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My upcoming Community engagements in 2nd half of 2020

These times are challenging and I hope everyone is safe and healthy. Normally we have a lot of in person community conference, but actually we move a lot of this community meetings to online meetings. The good thing is we have more time for our family and need lees time for driving and so on.

In the 2nd half of 2020 I have the honor to speak at the following events:

Azure Bonn Meetup

Our Azure Bonn Meetup is also running as an virtual event and we have planned some exiting topics:

Are you interested in holding a session at our Azure Bonn Meetup – that sounds great. Please use the Microsoft form to let us know about you and your session and we look forward to welcoming you. Session language can be German or English 🙂

Virtual Cloud Identity Summit 2020

And finally the virtual Cloud Identity Summit 2020. This is our first event and we will focus only on Cloud Identity topics. This idea came up from Thomas Naunheim and we are really happy to realize this conference. The first speakers with great topics are announced and there coming more. Did you interested in how to secure your Cloud Identitys – this conference is a must see.

Passed Azure Administrator Associate Exam Az-104

I reveived a cool mail some days ago with an information, that I had passed successful the new Azure Administrator Exam Az-104 and get the renewal of the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate.

Two years ago Microsoft released the first new Rolebased exams with the Az-100/Az-101. I´ve passed both exams, but the exams are only valid for two years after passing. With the new Az-104 I got a renewal of the title for the next two years.

The Az-104 certification is a further development of the Az-103, as it will be discontinued at the end of July. To see the necessary skills and the differences to the Az-103, please have a look at the document “Az-104 Skills measured“.

Preparation and study guides

In preparation, all I can say is practice, practice, practice. Create different Azure Services, manage and administer them and interact with them. This helps a lot to understand the individual service and the different functions.

There are a lot of good study guides out there:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Good luck and happy study.



Update 1

Azure Files on-premises Active Directory Domain Services authentication is since 11/06/20 GA. The article is upgraded and integrated the latest features and improvements.

Update 2

12/06/20 Azure Files Hybrid PowerShell Module upgrate to v. 0.2.0

In the past I had a lot of talks about Azure File Sync, a lightwight solutions to sync servers from different locations and branches via Azure Files. One often questions was, it is possible to use Azure Files directly with integrated on-premises Active Directory (AD DS) authentication – the great answer since a few days is Yes, this is possible.

Now you can use Azure Files with on-premises Active Directory authentication as a fully replacement for Fileservers. No need for Azure Active Directory Domain Services (Azure AD DS) or different settings on Azure Files. This gives great new ways to use Azure Files as an replacement for Windows based fileservers or for using as an profile store for Windows Virtual Desktop and come closer to a cloud native solution.

In this article I will explain how Azure files AD DS authentication works, how to configure it, some basic steps and more. Please feel free to use the comment section or Twitter to get in touch with me and give me feedback or ask questions.


Global Azure Virtual 2020 is close including two sessions from me

Time has changed, and the actual situation around the globe has shifted many personally events to virtual events. Global Azure (formerly known as Global Azure Bootcamp) has also transformed the personally meetings around the globe into purely virtual events. This has prompted many community organizers to make their events virtual. The Global Azure Team decided to make an own global virtual event around the globe with a dedicated call for speakers. This has led to the beautiful result that now several global azure events are taking place simultaneously. Some are organized by local organizers and one event is organized by the Global Azure Team. This results in three Azure days of Azure sessions (Thursday to Saturday) around the globe with an awesome agenda, where you can pick the sessions that suit you perfectly 🙂

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MSIgnite 2019 Azure News and Announcements Part 2

There are many new features and enhancements announced for Azure from the last Microsoft Ignite. I have written about many of them in the 1st part of this Article. This article will focus of the missed announcement in the first article.

Keep in mind our Meetup appointments in the next week in Thueringen and Cologne/Bonn.

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Erweitern Vorhandener Azure Fileshares auf 100TB für AzureFileSync

Im Vorfeld zur Ignite wurde vor ein paar Tagen eine kleine Überraschung im Azure Blog angekündigt: Announcing the general availability of larger, more powerful standard file shares for Azure Files. Bedeutet das für alle jetzigen Azure Fileshares im Standard Tier die neuen Performancewerte ausgerollt werden. Damit fällt auch die bisherige Limitierung von 5TB für Azure Fileshares und damit verbunden für Azure File Sync. Die neuen Performancewerte sehen folgendermaßen aus:

  • IOPS: 10.000 (vorher 1000)
  • Durchsatz: 300MB/sec (vorher 60MB/sec)
  • Fileshare Größe: 100TB (vorher 5TB)

Bisher waren Azure Fileshares auf 5TB limitiert. Die Freigabe wird als Speicherort der Azure File Sync Dateien genutzt – daher galt hier das gleiche Limit. Doch diese Herausforderung ist gelöst und vorhandene Fileshares lassen sich über das Azure Portal auf die neue Größe erweitern. Dieser Artikel zeigt kurz die notwendigen Schritte.

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Azure File Sync – Verhalten bei Dateikollisionen

In letzter Zeit hatte ich das Vergnügen Azure File Sync auf verschiedenen Community Events vorzustellen und dabei die Einrichtung, Konfiguration und Best Practices zu erläutern. Mit Azure File Sync lassen sich Fileserver über Unternehmensgrenzen hinweg, mit Hilfe eines zentralen Azure Fileshares, synchronisieren. Eine häufig gestellte Frage ist, wie der Service mit Dateikollisionen umgeht.

Dieser Artikel soll darauf eine Antwort geben.

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Speaking at Cloud Brew 2019 Mechelen Belgium

Some days ago I was really happy to receive my first Speaker invite to the Cloud Brew Conference in Belgium.

The Cloud Brew Conference is a great conference in the hearth of Belgium in Mechelen 30km north of Bruessel. The conference first start in 2013 with a great location, in a old brewery and still takes place there today.

With two full days of Azure experience with many international speakers from around the globe, it’s a must for Belgians and cloud folks with Azure focus. The agenda looks pretty good.

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Azure File Sync – Fileshares bis 100TB möglich

DIe Microsoft Inspire fand letzte Woche statt und bereits im Vorfeld gab es einige Neuigkeiten zu verschiedenen Services. So wurde u.a. Azure Migrate als Public Preview vorgestellt, ein Assessment Tool für virtuelle Umgebungen (Hyper-V und VMware). Außerdem gab es ein neues Release zu Web Application Firewall/Gateway. Und natürlich einige Neuigkeiten zu Azure File Sync, die gerade im Hinblick auf Enterprise Unternehmen interessant sind. Diese werden in diesem Artikel vorgestellt.

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